What makes famous grouse whisky scotlands favorite

Famous Grouse whisky is a type of blended whisky made in Scotland. This Scotch was first produced in 1897 by Matthew Gloag & Son Ltd. It is now being produced by The Edrington Group. This whisky is named after the national game bird of Scotland, the red grouse. This blended whisky is created from some of the finest scotch whiskeys and includes Highland Park Single malt, Macallan Single Malt and the Glenrothes. These tastes are blended exceptionally to give a smooth and refined taste to the drink.

The Edrington Group which now produces Famous Grouse aims at becoming a leading premium spirits company in Scotland. This group makes some of the finest Scotch blends along with some comparatively smaller lends such as the Tamdhu, Glenturret and Glenrothes. Apart from Famous Grouse, their other core blended whiskeys are Highland Park, Cutty Sark and Macallan. So huge is the popularity of famous Grouse that it ranks thirty second as the world’s largest drink brand and is one of the highest selling whiskeys in Scotland.

The Famous Grouse Whisky was amongst the first blended whiskeys that introduced a cask finished range. This whisky blend is dominated primarily by grain whiskeys. The distillery where this blend is made is also one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries. Located in Genturret it is one of the most visited whiskey distilleries in the whole of Scotland. You can be a part of the Famous Grouse experience by taking part in some of the tours that are conducted by the company.

These tours start by showing the visitor how the single malts are made and then married together to create this stunning blend. Once you have completed this tour you are taken to sample some of the malts in the Famous Grouse range. You can also sample some of the Master Distillers favorite samples and get a first hand lowdown of all whiskies and their nuances from the masters. They have the ultimate experience for the whisky connoisseur where you can get a taste of the ultimate Famous Grouse Malt range in a special sampling room. This sampling room is actually the warehouse where the famous blends lie resting and maturing.

Since Famous Grouse Whisky has been Scotland’s favorite over decades, the group has come up with a whisky and music festival. This festival aims at introducing people to the newest as well as the old members of the Famous Grouse family while giving local artists a platform to showcase their talent. Apart from all this, people will be given the chance to sample some rare blends and also learn how to make some amazing whisky cocktails.

Famous Grouse whisky is not only famous in Scotland but has found its place in the world market as one of the best blended scotch whiskeys. It has been the recipient of a bronze and two silvers at the San Francisco World Spirits competition. The Famous Grouse twelve year old malt has also taken two gold’s at some of the industry’s top global award events namely at the International Spirits Challenge and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The unique and rare black whisky

Loch dhu black whisky is truly unique. Not only will its pitch black color entice you its velvety taste and its smoky aroma will pleasantly surprise you. the bottle too looks unique and many are tempted to keep it as a collectors item. The black color comes from the sweet oak casks it is stored in.

The word Loch Dhu means black lake in Gaelic and this single malt whisky was in production only for a short time in the 1990’s. due to its rarity it soon had a fan following of its own and acquired cult status amongst its fans. Today unopened bottles of this black whisky fetch good prices and it is increasingly becoming difficult to lay your hands on an unopened bottle.

Black whisky was distilled in the Mannochmore distillery. The distillery is in Speyside region of interior Scotland. As far as its lineage is considered it can be said that there was a distillery there way back in 1876. the water used in its preparation is from Bardon Bum that lies in the hills of Mannochmore hills.

The color comes from storing it in double charred sweet oak casks. The sweet and smoky flavor is the direct result of charring the oaks twice. This velvety drink that has shades of honey and fruit is complex, dry and balanced. However, not everyone that tastes it likes it the first time around. You need to drink it a few times to really appreciate its taste.

This unique black whisky is available for connoisseurs throughout UK, USA and Europe. It retails for about £190 – 200 in the UK. For those outside the above mentioned countries there is always the option of buying it online and the company ships it in a professionally packaged form. Payment can be made via PayPal.

As mentioned earlier this whisky does not really endear one and all in the first session. There are some who find it utterly horrible and others that love it. if you happen to read some of the reviews on the internet you will find mixed responses to this black whisky. Some have even suggested that you use it on your furniture for getting that mahogany look. However, it is advisable that you don’t rely on such reviews but taste it at least once before you make your mind. It surely is not as bad as it is made out to be by some people.

The reason for its unique taste is perhaps because the distillery does not use a purifier between the lyne arm and the condenser. Don’t let the color and the taste distract you. It is definitely worth owning a bottle as it will get you a good return on investment.

For the real whisky enthusiast that really drinks for the pleasure and fun of drinking the black whisky is rare and enjoyable. After all it is only a beverage and a good one at that.

How to decide the best whisky for you

Whisky is perhaps the most misunderstood drink in the world and therefore people are not aware of the best whisky that is available in a store nearby. It is undoubtedly one of the finest spirits made by man in history. Today only a handful of countries don’t manufacture whisky and that too due to religious reasons. Traditionally whisky was manufactured in countries like Scotland and Ireland. However, Japan, Canada and the USA are also involved in the manufacture and sale of this wonderful drink. In fact the Japanese love their whisky so much that some Japanese jokingly call whisky their national drink.

The subject is so huge that it is difficult to put all the information in one piece, however, let us attempt to understand a few things about the best whisky that is available world wide or at least learn a few new things about the most popular brands of whisky that is cherished all over the world.

You cannot begin talking of best whisky without reflecting on Diageo – the largest company in this field and owner of several big brands of whisky. It is a company that owns 27 malt distilleries and 2 grain distilleries. They are known for their blended brands and some of the brands owned by them are Bell whisky, Haig, Johnny Walker, Black and White, J&B, VAT 69, Old Parr, Buchanans, Pinch, and White Horse. In the single malt category they own Dalwhinnie, Cragganmore, and Glenkinchie. Diageo also own several brands in the lagavulin range.

Some of the best known American whiskies are Seagrams and Bulliet Bourbon. The Canadian whiskies include Crown Royal and Seagram’s.

Another reputed name in the whisky business is the Chivas Brothers which is owned by the Pernod Ricard. They have 11 distilleries and they manufacture the famous Chivas Regal and Glenlivet brands. Apart from these two there are several other brand/companies like Allied distillers, JP wisers, The Edrington group, White and Mackay, Burn Stewart, William Grant, Glenmorangie, Morrison Bowmore owned by Suntory of Japan and Irish Distillers. Incidentally it was Ireland that invented this famous drink.

Many a times over a drink people ask the question “which is the best whisky?” there is no simple answer to this question as the one mans favorite will turn out to be others turn off. To find out which is the best whisky you have to try out as many as you can and then come to a conclusion. The best way to find that out is by going to a bar or by vacationing in some of the whisky producing regions. And, when it comes to regions producing whisky what better place than Scotland?

Scotland is the home to some of the best whisky in the world. It is recommended that you once visit this great place and come back with lots of tales and your list of best whisky.

How to buy and enjoy an expensive whisky

Who doesn’t enjoy an expensive whisky? But to do enjoy this expensive liquor you have to first train your taste buds and learn how to enjoy the drink. Whisky is considered to be a gentleman’s drink across the world and hence must be drunk in a manner befitting the tag associated with it.

A lot of people tend to get confused between a whisky, a Scotch and a bourbon. While they are all from the same family they are intrinsically different as well. A whiskey is an alcoholic beverage which is made from fermented grain mash. There are different grains which go into making a whiskey namely, malted barley, barley, rye, wheat, malted rye and maize. Once the liquid has been distilled it is then aged in wooden casks. The most common type of cask used to age whisky is the oak cask.

Scotch whisky is one of the most expensive whiskeys. A Scotch whisky is made in Scotland and has five main categories; single malt, single grain Scotch whisky, blended grain Scotch whisky, blended malt Scotch whisky and blended Scotch whisky. All of these Scotch whiskeys have to be aged for a minimum period of three years in specific oak casks.

The world of whisky can be confusing. So, this makes every bourbon a whisky but all whisky cannot be called bourbon. Bourbon is of American origin and for a whisky to become bourbon it must pass through exacting specifications. Much like cognac, a whisky can become bourbon only if it has been made in America. Bourbon is a type of whisky that is made from corn. It should not contain more than 80% of alcohol and should have 51% of corn. For a whisky to become bourbon it has to be aged for a minimum period of two years. But premium bourbon can be aged up to twenty years or more.

When you want to buy expensive whisky and appear like a whisky connoisseur, you have to stick to the single malts and stay away from the blends. Single malts have earthy smoky flavors that are warm and complex in taste. You need to learn to enjoy single malt as it is a taste that one has to acquire over time. When you want to purchase an expensive whisky you need to check the age of the Scotch. You can be sure that the longer the Scotch has aged the smoother it is going to be. Assess which is the variety of Scotch that you like and then choose the one which is the oldest in that available category.

When you want to buy an expensive whisky you should look for a Scotch that has been aged for a minimum period of twelve to fifteen years. The finest are the ones that have been aged for twenty one years. But when you want to truly savor a Scotch you should know how to drink it. Most people drink expensive whisky on the rocks. But the ice mellows down the flavor and the fine nuances of the flavor get lost somewhat in the water of the ice. The best way to drink a scotch is neat in a wide bottom glass. Take small sips and enjoy the fine taste and aromas.

Bells whisky, the misunderstood spirit.

There are two types of scotch drinkers, those that like bells whiskey, and then there are those that don’t like it one bit. Having said this there is one thing that every one has to appreciate that whiskey like a lot of other things is an acquired taste and you have to give it time to grow on you. you just cant judge by the first sip you take and come to a conclusion.

Many people drink whiskey as a remedy for sore throat and most will certainly agree that this is no way to judge a whiskey. There are special throat medications and surely if you take whiskey as a form of medication then you cannot be objective on the taste and the flavor of the spirit.

To really appreciate whiskey you have to take it as a leisurely drink. you can enjoy the drink and discern the finer qualities it has only when you take it this way. Although light on the wallet bells whiskey does pack a formidable punch.

Bells scotch whiskey has been around since 1825 and surely if something that has lasted so long means it has a great deal of loyal fans. The whiskey is 40% alcohol and hence considered strong. The taste of the whiskey is a combination of toffee and fruity oatmeal. The color too is a bit different from others and this dark orange brown color does draw your attention to it. The first sip will give you a burning sensation as the whiskey travels down your throat. Needless to say the kick you get after downing a few large pegs is something to be experienced.

There are many who take bells whiskey with other drinks. Some take it with coffee as a remedy for sore throat. There are some that swear by the rich milky coffee laced with bells whiskey.

Once you taste this whiskey you will either become its ardent fan or a become a bitter critic. However, if you look at it dispassionately it does have a lot of good qualities including its medicinal properties.

Bells whiskey has not enjoyed the best of reputations in Scotland due to the variable quality. However, the company has taken the negative publicity seriously and is now addressing each issue separately. The blending also has improved a lot and very soon bells scotch whiskey will become a respectable brand and occupy its rightful place.

The fact that bells whiskey is very affordable, under £5 makes it a good buy and when you consider its medicinal properties it is not a bad idea to have a bottle in the house. So, next time you visit the store make sure you pick up a bottle of bells scotch whiskey, you will never regret it once you start liking the strong taste and fantastic kick you get. It is also great if you are tired and need to crash and fall asleep. Bells whiskey in milky coffee will ensure you have a sound sleep without any disturbances.

A brief history of Ballantines whiskey

Regarded as a rich and elegant scotch ballantines whiskey has a place of its own in the world of fine whiskies. Ballantines whiskey is the perfect whiskey that suits the modern lifestyle and its rich flavors endear it to many. This fantastic drink boasts more than 50 single malt flavors. The malts from Miltonduff and Glenburgie make this balanced drink truly sophisticated.

Ballantines has a history that dates back to the year 1827 when a farmers son named George Ballantine started a small grocery store in Edinburgh. He used to sell select range of whiskies from his store. His clientele was sophisticated and distinguished.

In the year 1865 George decided to expand his business and handed over the running of the store to his eldest son and focused all his attention in opening and running a larger establishment in Glasgow. This is where he intended to focus solely on wines and spirits. Among his clientele were members of the British royal family. He created and experimented with various blends and when that met with success he roped in his younger son George Junior into the business. The establishment was now called George Ballantine and Sons Ltd. His business grew steadily and he soon added a warehouse and began exporting scotch whiskey.

George Ballantine retired from active business in 1881 and died 10 years later. Meanwhile his son George junior continued the family tradition before eventually accepting a buy out offer from Barclay and McKinlay. The new owners retained the old name and cashed in on the tremendous goodwill and loyal customer base. They also began developing Ballantine’s as a brand. As the brand name grew there was a need for additional resources as now the world was their market and hence in the year 1937 Hiram Walker Gooderham & Worts a Canadian Distilling firm acquired the business. The first thing that the new owners did was buy a distillery at Miltonduff, near Elgin and license it to Ballantine’s.

It was also in the same year, 1937 that the company received the Grant of Heraldic Arms and was recognized as “incorporation noble on the Noblesse of Scotland’. To this day the heraldic arms decorate the grant and appear on every bottle of Ballantine’s scotch whiskey.

Today ballantines whiskey is a well established global brand with instant customer recall. The range includes four distinct products Ballantine’s Finest, Gold seal, 30 Year old, and 17 Year old.

Today the firm has maturing warehouses at Dumbuck near Dumbarton, Willowyard near Beith in Ayrshire.
Today Ballantine’s whiskey has one of the most advanced blending and bottling units at Kilmalid and is considered to be one of the finest in Europe. In the year 1988 this company became a part of the Allied Domecq Spirits and Wine conglomerate. A truly global brand its reputation and customer base continues to grow steadily.

Ardbeg whiskey, the finest single malt on the planet

Ardbeg whiskey is one of the finest single malts available on this planet. Now, you don’t have to just believe in the written word but actually taste it to know the power and the flavor of this spirit.

The beauty of this whiskey is such that if you have tasted it once you will easily identify it the next time around. Also known as the islay malt there is nothing that comes close to it in the single malt category. Those who have tasted it swear by its distinctive taste and powerful flavor. It is not for nothing that this whiskey is what coinsurers prefer when they chose to relax with a few drinks of single malt.

This whiskey has more than two centuries of history behind it and it was in 1815 when the Islay distillery was first built along the sea. The key here is that the distillery is along the sea and not close to it. In fact the place where the whiskey barrels are stored is separated only by a stone wall from the Atlantic Ocean.

The whiskey has more body than other single malts; this is due to the fact that it is not chill filtered and hence is oilier than others. It sticks to the glass unlike other whiskeys. The presence of impurities ensures that each batch of whiskey tastes different from the other. It is also 6% stronger than the usual 40% that other whiskies claim. The bottling is simple the drink goes into the cask from there into the bottle and eventually into your glass. Lack of filtering process helps it to maintain its aroma and flavor and in view of this many distilleries are now following this practice.

This drink is not for the novice or the faint hearted. Not only is it powerful but has the flavors of seaweed, chocolate, peat, and smoke along with a tinge of sweetness. Sipped with a dash of water this drink will ensure that the flavors linger in your mouth for a long time after your drink is over. This is perhaps the only drink where you can actually taste the smoke and combined with peat, chocolate, seaweed and the inherent salt of the sea leaves you yearning for more.

On the flip side this drink is not for you if you are new to malts. This is a drink that slowly grows on you and if you are new to malts then the lighter versions with lighter flavors of the highland will be best suited for you. However, once you acquire a taste for this drink there is nothing else that will satisfy your palate.

The price too is not beyond reach and if you are ready to pay £25 for ardbeg whiskey you can surely taste greatness. Having tasted it once there is every possibility that your cabinet will always host a few bottles of this fantastic drink. Not only do you get bragging rights when you serve this to your friends and family you can also gift it to your loved ones during special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s.

You can now make ethanol for various applications

If you are an avid fan of trying out various forms of alcoholic beverages or want a cheap biofuel for your vehicle or are simply on the lookout for a good business opportunity, you can now make ethanol for various applications. Ethanol is also known as drinking alcohol and you can also produce bioethanol to use as a fuel to power your vehicle so as to save money as well as reduce your country’s dependence on imports.

However, before you start learning on how to produce ethanol or engage in bioethanol production you should check if you are conforming to all local as well as federal laws applicable in your country, especially if you plan to brew or distill your alcohol at home or in your garage. You will require the right size of brewing and distilling equipment based on whether you wish to make beer, wine, vodka, whisky, or any other type of alcohol at home or in your small to medium brewery or distillery. In addition you will also need to procure matching whisky yeast, wine yeast, or even molasses yeast, among others to ensure that your yeast fermentation process rewards you with strong and pure alcohol without the presence of harmful bacteria.

There are several processes that must be completed with precision before you can make ethanol with the desired strength, color, taste, and acidity. The process starts with mixing the main ingredients that are chosen based on the alcoholic beverage that needs to be produced. These could be barley, wheat, grapes, potatoes, rice, apples, or any other ingredient that contains a lot of starch. You can use corn to make bio ethanol at a very cost-effective rate. The chosen ingredient is usually crushed and mixed with water, which results in releasing enzymes such as amylase that convert starch into sugars that can be fermented. These sugars include glucose, dextrose, fructose, etc.

The yeast fermentation process starts as soon as yeast is blended into the mixture of water along with the chosen ingredients. This yeast is normally chosen from the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast family. Ordinary yeast can ferment the mixture only when it is below 27 degrees Celsius and can only produce mild versions of ethanol. However, whether you produce ethanol or alcohol in your brewery or distillery or make ethanol in a compact ethanol kit at home, you can surely improve your ethanol yield by choosing a form of super yeast known as turbo yeast.

Turboyeast is a tough version of yeast, which is fortified with micro nutrients to provide purer ethanol. This yeast can continue fermenting at over 37 degrees Celsius while also producing ethanol with high alcohol strength. It can even produce ethanol from weak mashes or mixtures thus solving several of your problems at one go. Your costs are reduced and you also get stronger alcohol that can be further distilled to produce fine alcohols and spirits such as scotch whisky, malt whisky, or vodka. You can start saving money as well as get better ethanol the minute you seek out turbo yeast for your ethanol production plant or home kit. This yeast is available in different packing sizes for bulk users as well as home enthusiasts.

You can surely start a new business or follow up on your hobby once you learn all about producing ethanol. However, you should ensure that you use the best ingredients as well as the best production yeast to end up with top-quality ethanol with high strength and perfect character to please your senses. You can surely make ethanol for various applications and relax with a glass of tasty alcoholic drink in your hand or simply power your vehicle in an environmentally-friendly manner.