How to compare whisky prices

When you want to buy expensive whisky but still want to make sure that you get the best deal then you should compare whisky prices. It is definitely convenient to walk into a store and pick up a bottle of premium Scotch but at the same time you have to pay a pretty penny for that. There can be many ways by which you can get the bottle of Scotch that you desire and not pay a hefty amount for it as well.

The first thing to do when you want to buy a premium Scotch whisky is to learn about Scotch first. Randomly looking for a bottle isn’t going to be of much help to you. Also your bargaining power increases when you appear to know a lot about the whisky that you are wishing to purchase. For that reason alone you need to know why a Scotch is called a Scotch. A whisky will be called a Scotch only when it is made in Scotland and has “Scotch Whisky” mentioned on the label. In fact if anything else other than Scotch Whisky is mentioned on the label, for example “Scottish Whisky” then that whisky is not a Scotch. Also the age and the area where the Scotch has been made is mentioned on the bottle.

A Scotch whisky is made out of grain mash and has to be distilled and matured in a distillery in Scotland. It also has to be matured for a minimum age of three years in oak or sherry casks. Some of the most premium single malts and blended malts come from the Highland, Speyside and Islay region in Scotland. The other two premium Scotch producing regions are Island region and Lowland region.

When you are comparing prices of Scotch whiskies it helps to know that a single malt Scotch whisky will be a more premium drink than a blended malt. The reason behind this is that a single malt Scotch has to be made with a single grain mash whish mostly is mated barley in a pot still. This Scotch also has to distilled and matured in a single distillery in Scotland for a period no less than three years in mature oak casks.

A blended malt on the other hand is a blend of one or more single malts made in one or many distilleries. These blended Scotch whiskies can be a mix of malt and grain whisky and will not have the name of the distilleries mentioned on the bottle.

When you are looking at buying premium whisky then looking online and comparing whisky prices is a very good idea. You will get a clear idea of the discounts that you can get on your favorite bottle at websites of whisky sellers. Sometimes you can even get vintage whiskies at a very good price online. If you are a collector and want a limited edition bottle then haggling at your neighborhood departmental store might not ensure you a good price. But when you look online you can compare the prices of your vintage whisky and buy the same easily and that too at a good price.