Information regarding a distillery for sale in the US

Distillery for sale information is available online and if you are interested in purchasing the same, all you need to do is look it up! The Colorado Gold Distillery is very well known and is a fully functioning, beautiful, turn key distillery that is located in Western Colorado. However it is said that only 50% of ownership of this distillery is for sale.

Craft distilling is one of the most exciting and lucrative businesses today and is fast becoming a popular trend among the drinkers and alcohol distillers. This type of distillery provides its customers with a huge variety of spirits and alcohol that is of a top and unique quality that other large distilleries cannot provide. Another reason for this is that these small craft distilleries use local vegetables and fruit products to flavor their spirits giving them a unique taste and flavor.

The Colorado God Distillery use hand selected and locally grown grains to make their spirits. This grain is mashed and put into large fermentation tanks that are made of stainless steel. This mash or wort is ready for the first distillation in a reflux column German still. During this process the alcohol is separated from the wort. The column still keeps distilling the alcohol (which goes through 22 plates) and the end result is a product that is fantastically smooth and an alcohol (180 proof). This alcohol is cut to about 80 proof with sweet and clean water. It is interesting to note that the water that is used is of extremely high quality, flowing over 1000 ft of volcanic basalt from 11000 ft high till it is polished and filtered before reaching the Colorado Gold Distillery.

The spirit that is produced is charcoal-filtered around six times to remove any undesirable toxin or organic. After this it is bottled as vodka, made into gin by redistilling or stored in oak casks/barrels so that it ages into corn whiskey or smooth bourbon. Finished products are clean and smooth with a definite sweet tinge that is got from the corn. There is no doubt that this distillery produces the very best of spirits and alcohol.

Apart from producing such wonderful smooth spirits, Colorado Gold Distillery is also known for being environment-friendly. This is because the water that is cooled is circulated again and grains that are spent are used as livestock feed by the local farmers, limiting waste to very small quantities of sterilized and neutralized “finished” wort. In fact, when the distilling still is in operation, people and tourists that visit the distillery are not even aware that the distillation is in process.

Distillery for sale like the Colorado Gold Distillery in the US also has a popular and profitable Gift Shop at the site. This shop attracts not only the locals in droves but also travelers and tourists. The distillery is located on the National Scenic-Byway and has plenty of visitors. Tours and free samples of the spirits are readily given to those who would love to taste what this great distillery has to offer them.