The art of making whiskey

Making whiskey at home is now a cinch for most enthusiasts. Nowadays people are making their own whiskey at home because they have found it to be easy and light on their wallets. If you have the right equipment and ingredients you can distill your own whiskey at home.

The ingredients needed to make whiskey are simple. All you need to do is a little bit of cooking and have a bit of knowledge as to how to go about it. You will need the following ingredients. Rye (7 pounds), Barley (2 pounds), Malt (1 pound), yeast (3 gms), water (6 gallons), a food processor or mill, an airtight container for fermentation, a still, pillowcase, cooking thermometer, a steam kettle/rice cooker, or pressure cooker with steam valve, a large tub (metal) or a cooking pot, plastic tubing, glass or whiskey bottles.

The first step would be to crush the rye and barley into a coarse grain powder in the electric food-processor or food mill. You can also crush the grain by hand using a clean brick or stone in order to process it manually. Next, keep the large tub or the cooking pot on the stove and pour in the six gallons of water (bottled spring water will be ideal) into the container. Suspending the cooking thermometer into it will help you to measure temperature and keep the heat to 70 F.

Mix the crushed grains and malt into the water and stir the mash continuously slowly raising the temperature to 160F. It is important to maintain the temperature while stirring the mixture for around three hours. This will convert the starch into sugar. After you have cooked the mash for many hours, remove the container from heat and allow the mash to cool to 70F. This is the time to add the yeast and stir it thoroughly to make sure it combines well.

Next you have to pour the mixture into the airtight container for the fermentation process. It is essential that the container is sealed well. The mash inside the container should ferment for around a week. At the end of the week, you can open the container and pour out the liquid through the pillowcase so that you can filter out the solids.

You can buy a still from a brewery supplier. The liquid should then be poured into the still. Incase you want to make your own still you can do that with the help of the steam kettle, rice cooker or the pressure cooker with steam valve. All you have to do is connect the plastic bag or hose to the valve and heat the liquid so that the steam escapes through the valve into the plastic bag or hose. Once these vapors are cooled the whiskey is automatically drained into glass bottles or whiskey bottles. In order to have its own distinct flavor, the whiskey can be set aside to age for several weeks.