What are the popular whiskies in the glen whisky range

If one is a whisky connoisseur then you have to love the glen whisky series. While most of these brands are not produced by a single distillery the one thing that they have in common is the “glen” name and a passion for great whisky making. Some of the most popular whiskies from the Glen series can be listed as Glenmorangie, Glenlivet and Glenfiddich.

Glenmorangie is a Highland Scotch whisky and is touted to be one of the finest scotch whiskies that is produced in Scotland. This scotch is produced in the Glenmorangie distillery located in Tain in Scotland. The main product of this distillery is single malts and this distillery boasts of the tallest stills in the whole of Scotland. In fact, the manufacturers of this single malt believe that these tall stills have a big role to play in giving the spirits made here their superior and well rounded light taste.

In order to maintain the quality of the whiskies that they make, the Glenmorangie Company has purchased the whole of the land surrounding the distillery so that they can maintain the standard of the mineral rich water that they use. Along with this they also make sure that the barley grain used to make these single malts is sourced from a specific Scottish cooperative. The distillery is run by an extremely qualified staff of sixteen, who are called “the sixteen men of Tain” who work tirelessly to make sure that that the standard and quality of whisky produced here is never compromised.

Glenfiddich is one of the whiskies that is most in demand across the world. This whisky is classified as a Speyside single malt. The Glenfiddich distillery was established in 1886 and has since been producing some of the finest single malts. The Glenfiddich single malts use a single source of natural spring water in their manufacturing process which is sourced from the Robbie Dhu spring.

Once the process of distilling the whisky is complete they are left to age in special oak casks for a minimum period of ten years. The more the age of the whisky the more premium it becomes. In the Glenfiddich series you can get whiskies which are aged for almost forty years. Their single most premium whisky is the Glenfiddich 1937 that has been aged for sixty four years.

Finally amongst the glen whisky series is the Glenlivet. This whisky is legendary in taste and aroma and was established in 1824. Since its inception this distillery has been producing some of the finest scotch whiskies being made. In fact even during the time of the Great Depression this distillery continued to manufacture its premium scotches. It was only during the World War II that the distillery had to be closed. However, soon after the war was over this company went on to contribute significantly to help UK clear its war debts. This distillery was established by George Smith but later changed hands and was passed on to Pernord Richards Company.

Out of the 5,900,000 proof liters of whisky that is produced in this distillery, most is used to make the Glenlivet whisky. The rest of the whisky is used to make other superior blended whiskies such as the Chivas Regal.