What are the reasons behind the popularity of Macallan whisky

Owned by the Edrington Group, Macallan whisky was distilled for the first time in 1824. This whisky previously belonged to Highland Distilleries until 1999 and was then purchased by the Edrington Group. Currently this whisky is distilled from the Macallan Distillery which is located Craigellachie. Macallan single malt was reported in The Herald in 2009 as the third largest selling single malt in the world. This whisky comes third only after Glenfiddich and Glenlivet. This whisky sells almost 500,000 cases of single malt in a year.

The Macallan whisky was earlier known as a Highland single malt. It is also labeled so since the Scotch whisky regulations came into effect in 2009. However, the official website of Macallan lists it as a Speyside single malt and calls the area near Strathspey as its original home. In fact, Elchies House, which is also kwon as the spiritual home of the Macallan is an integral part of the landscape on the banks of the Spey. It is a huge estate that spans many miles. Farming still continues on the lands of the manor producing the barley that is used in making this fine spirit.
When the Macallan whisky was first given to age it was done so in matured oak sherry casks which were brought in especially from Spain from the Jerez distillery. It continued to be matured in these casks but beginning in 2004, Macallan introduced the Fine Oak series. In this series the whisky was matured in bourbon oak casks as well as in sherry oak casks.
The most easily available Macallan whisky is the twelve year old. The Macallan twelve year old single malt has a beautiful amber color and a smooth and full body. It has a nose of sherry, flowery notes and a bit of honey and has a rounded finish.
The Macallan eighteen year old single malt is the most distributed whisky from the company. This eighteen year old malt has a pleasant light mahogany color. The palette is of rich dried fruits married beautifully with flavors of orange, cloves, spice and wood smoke. The nose speaks of ginger and dried fruits and have a subtle hint of vanilla, citrus and cinnamon. The drink has a full and lingering finish with notes of sweet toffee, dried fruits, ginger and a slight hint of wood smoke.
The Macallan whisky Fine & Rare range is one of the most sought after for the collector. The best of the oldest in the Macallan stock is taken to release this line of fine single malts. Hundreds of casks are assessed and the diversity of color, aroma and taste are considered before releasing. It is this which makes the Fine & Rare one of the most sought after collectibles for the whisky connoisseur. You can get to taste a whole gamut of flavors each diverse from the other. From light peat vintage to fresher floral aromas or more sherried flavors, this collection can easily be labeled as a fine journey making it one of the most precious single malts that has been ever released.