What is the reason behind the popularity of red label whisky

Red Label whisky is a part of the Jonny Walker series. It is a scotch whisky and is currently owned by Diageo which is a global alcoholic beverage company and is located out of London. Diageo has been touted to be one of the largest producers of spirits and is one of the major beer and wine producers. Under its umbrella it produces the Jonnie Walker series which is one of the world’s largest selling whiskies. This whisky originated in Scotland in the Kilmarnock region in Ayrshire. Jonny Walker is one of the most distributed brands of blended scotch whiskies and has a huge market reach leading to annual sales of over a 130 million bottles.

Jonnie Walker brand cannot be considered anything less than a legacy. The brand was first sold out of a small grocers’ store by John Walker popularly called Jonnie Walker. He continued to sell his whisky until his death in 1857. It was then that his son and grandson took over and started to work towards making this brand as popular as it is today. The iconic Jonnie Walker square bottle was introduced for the first time in 1870. The angled label was also introduced around this time. It was finally between 1906 and 1909 that the color names were introduced to Jonnie Walker.

The jonnie Walker Red label is one of their most selling blended whiskies. This whisky is a perfect and harmonious blend of around 35 malt and grain whiskies. It was originally intended to make mixed drinks but is also amazing to be drunk alone. However, the red label whisky does seem to taste a little maltier than the other colors in the Jonnie Walker series. This drink had many illustrious takers. It is alleged that Winston Churchill favored the Red Label and Soda and called it his favorite drink.

Red Label whisky has a distinct favor and taste of its own. It is no wonder that this blend can be found easily in over two hundred countries across the globe. It is meant to be a long drink with flavors that are exuberant and warm. It is an everyday drink and was originally positioned as an Extra Special Old Highland Whisky. It is made of a powerful mix of a wide variety of aromas that come from combining lingering light grains with spicy and smoky malts. It is this robust quality of this drink which makes it so perfect as a long drink enjoyed at a leisurely pace.
When you take a sip of the Red Label whisky you are greeted by intense flavors that are zingy, spicy and edgy all at the same time. This burst can be best described as a fresh spray that comes from the crashing of waves which is followed by the noted of spices culminating in a long and smoky finish. ‘Sweet chili’ is the term that best describes the drink. So versatile is this whisky, that not only can you enjoy it the traditional way and have it neat or over the rocks, but you can also revel in its flavors by combining it with your favorite mixer.