What makes famous grouse whisky scotlands favorite

Famous Grouse whisky is a type of blended whisky made in Scotland. This Scotch was first produced in 1897 by Matthew Gloag & Son Ltd. It is now being produced by The Edrington Group. This whisky is named after the national game bird of Scotland, the red grouse. This blended whisky is created from some of the finest scotch whiskeys and includes Highland Park Single malt, Macallan Single Malt and the Glenrothes. These tastes are blended exceptionally to give a smooth and refined taste to the drink.

The Edrington Group which now produces Famous Grouse aims at becoming a leading premium spirits company in Scotland. This group makes some of the finest Scotch blends along with some comparatively smaller lends such as the Tamdhu, Glenturret and Glenrothes. Apart from Famous Grouse, their other core blended whiskeys are Highland Park, Cutty Sark and Macallan. So huge is the popularity of famous Grouse that it ranks thirty second as the world’s largest drink brand and is one of the highest selling whiskeys in Scotland.

The Famous Grouse Whisky was amongst the first blended whiskeys that introduced a cask finished range. This whisky blend is dominated primarily by grain whiskeys. The distillery where this blend is made is also one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries. Located in Genturret it is one of the most visited whiskey distilleries in the whole of Scotland. You can be a part of the Famous Grouse experience by taking part in some of the tours that are conducted by the company.

These tours start by showing the visitor how the single malts are made and then married together to create this stunning blend. Once you have completed this tour you are taken to sample some of the malts in the Famous Grouse range. You can also sample some of the Master Distillers favorite samples and get a first hand lowdown of all whiskies and their nuances from the masters. They have the ultimate experience for the whisky connoisseur where you can get a taste of the ultimate Famous Grouse Malt range in a special sampling room. This sampling room is actually the warehouse where the famous blends lie resting and maturing.

Since Famous Grouse Whisky has been Scotland’s favorite over decades, the group has come up with a whisky and music festival. This festival aims at introducing people to the newest as well as the old members of the Famous Grouse family while giving local artists a platform to showcase their talent. Apart from all this, people will be given the chance to sample some rare blends and also learn how to make some amazing whisky cocktails.

Famous Grouse whisky is not only famous in Scotland but has found its place in the world market as one of the best blended scotch whiskeys. It has been the recipient of a bronze and two silvers at the San Francisco World Spirits competition. The Famous Grouse twelve year old malt has also taken two gold’s at some of the industry’s top global award events namely at the International Spirits Challenge and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.