What makes Glenfiddich whisky so special

One of the best known single malts in the world is the Glenfiddich whisky. It is a Speyside single malt and is owned by William Grant and Sons based out of Scotland. The symbol of the Glenfiddich brand is the deer as the name of this brand is derived from Gaelic and means ‘valley of the deer’. A Speyside single malt is a single malt that is distilled in Strathspey located in northeastern Scotland. This area has the largest number of whisky distilleries than any other part in Scotland.

The journey of Glenfiddich began in 1886 when the Glenfiddich distillery was established by William Grant in Dufftown, Scotland. It was on Christmas in 1887 that this whisky ran from the stills for the first time. In the mid 90’s things got a little difficult in the world of whisky as many independent yet small distillers were either getting bought or were going out of business. To survive the trying times, William Grant and Sons decided to expand their drink production and introduced innovative marketing strategies to carve their place in the world market. Not only did they improvise on the packaging of the drink, they also started a visitor’s centre where the visitors could enjoy the entire Glenfiddich experience.

In 1957 William Grant and Sons began packaging this Scotch whisky in triangular bottles. As time progressed they recognized the need to change their packaging and were amongst the first to package their bottles in gift tins and tubes. They also identified the importance of a duty free market for spirits which made Glenfiddich one of the most successful malts across the globe.

Like any Speyside scotch whisky, Glenfiddich too is distilled, matured and bottled at a single distillery. It uses a single source of natural spring water in its manufacture. The source of spring water used here is from the Robbie Dhu springs. Once the whisky is distilled it is then matured in special oak casks. The Glenfiddich whisky is then matured and aged at the ages of twelve, fifteen, eighteen and twenty one and thirty one years.

The Glenfiddich distillery has managed to bottle some rare whiskeys that have been aged for forty and fifty years. The Glenfiddich 40 year Old is taken from casks that had been filled in 1963. The Glenfiddich 1937 is one of the most premium whiskeys. This whiskey is over sixty four years old and was bottled for the first time in 2011. Once the whisky has been bottled the aging process stops as the years the whisky spends in a bottle are not counted.

Glenfiddich whisky has been the recipient of much critical acclaim. The sprits from Glenfiddich have performed exceptionally well at many international competitions that have been held to rate the spirits. The fifteen, twelve, eighteen and twenty one aged range from Glenfiddich whisky have received rave reviews at the Beverage Tasting Institutes reviews and at the San Francisco World Spirits competition as well. Made following exacting standards and having set an exceptional benchmark for all other scotch whiskeys, Glenfiddich launched the Glenfiddich Food and Drink Awards in 1970. These awards are given each year to honor exemplary broadcasting and writing from the food and drinks arena.