What makes highland park whisky the best whisky is the world

Highland Park whisky can easily be called one of the best single malts in the world. Since 1798, this whiskey has been maintaining its exacting standards and has earned the title of “the Best Spirit in the World”. The Highland Park distillery is located in Orkney and is a northerly whiskey manufactured in Scotland. Unlike the name suggests this whisky was not named after the area in which it is manufactured but is actually named so as it was located on an area which was distinguished considerably from a nearby lower lying area.

Highland Park whisky aims at maintaining its exact flavor. To do so they make sure that they even malt their own barley. They do so using locally cut peat from the Hobbister Moor. The history of Highland Park whisky is also very colorful. It was Magnus Eunson who established this distillery in the late eighteenth century. Mansie Eunson, as he was more popularly called, was a beadle by day and a successful smuggler at night. What added to his colorful nature was his humor and resourceful disposition.

Highland Park distillery has been functioning in pretty much the same manner over the years. Rather than management, they believe in custodianship and have been able to maintain their traditional approach in keeping their business very successful. It was only in 1969 that the first bottling of Highland Park was officially released. Until this time there was only third party bottlings that were being sold. After this the next thirty years saw an increase in the number of bottlings from the distillery itself.

The core of the Highland Park whisky range is formed by their Core whiskies. You can explore sprightly 12 year old whiskies to the more majestic and mellow forty year old ones in this range. Then you have the Orcadian Vintage Series. This is a limited edition series and is inspired by the legends and myths that surround Orkney.

One of Highland Parks most reputed whisky maker hand selects the casks based on their maturity and age from specific years and these are then married together to produce an exceptional balance specific only to Highland Park. Not only is the taste if these blends exceptional, the bottling is exceptional as well. This vintage whisky is presented in a bell bottomed night black glass bottle shaped much like a decanter with the intricate embossed detailing of the ‘knot work’ and ‘the distinct ‘h’ symbol. Not only that, the bottle is then sat in an oak box that has been hand crafted and decorated with Viking inspired design.

Along with these you can also take a look at the special editions of Highland Park whisky. The whiskies in this range cannot be slotted into any other category of whiskies manufactured by them. But each of these whiskies is spectacular in taste and stunning in its bottling. Of all the bottlings in this special edition series, the Bicentenary 1977 Vintage Repatriation is the one which steals the show. Hand wrapped in specially printed Japanese Washi paper, this whisky managed to wow the international market and gain the appreciation of whisky connoisseurs across the globe.