What makes j&b whisky so versatile in nature

J&B whisky is essentially a blended Scotch whisky. It is a blend of 42 Scottish grain and malt whiskies. The history of this whisky is very colorful. This whisky brand was made by an Italian Giacomo Justerini and the very British George Jonson. Justerini had come to England in pursuit of the opera singer Margherita Bellino. While the love affair was not as successful, his wine business flourished with his English partner.

The brand continued to grow from strength to strength winning many accolades. It was in 1831 that the business was bought over from the third generation of the Johnson’s and renamed Justerini and Brooks. It was only in 1930 that the J&B label was born. Mainly created for the time when the Prohibition was lifted in the United States, the J&B Rare was perhaps the first palatable whisky that the Americans got to drink post the trying times.

J&B continued to grow from strength to strength over the years. By 1958, it was one of the most fast moving drinks in Las Vegas. Dean Martin. Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr were some of the big fans of the drink and even enjoyed it unabashedly on stage during a performance. This whisky was introduced to Spain in 1962. From here on this drink progressed to becoming one of the best drinks in the world becoming the number one whisky. In 1963 J&B sales took off in the United States reaching one million cases. By 1970, J&B had found a firm footing in the European market as well.

Blending forty two whiskies perfectly cannot be an easy job but J&B seems to have mastered this art perfectly. The flavors that you get in a sip of J&B are warm, smooth, subtle and yet complex. It is this delicate balance created by carefully blending all these whiskies that gives J&B its exceptional character.

The main flavor of the J&B whisky comes from the Speyside Single Malt whiskies. The malt from this region gives the drink its fresh and fruity quality and sparkling light color. Apart from this you have some other fine malt whiskies which blend harmoniously and give the special flavor to this drink.

The best thing about J&B whisky is its versatile nature. You can drink and savor a J&B straight or on the rocks. Not only that, this whisky goes exceptionally well as the base drink of many cocktails as well. The J&B blending makes it ideal for many cocktails as flavors such as cola, lemon, ginger ale etc complement the drink wonderfully. If you are in the mood to experiment with a J&B cocktail, you must try out the J&B Manhattan. To make this drink you will need 60ml of J&B, 15ml of dry vermouth and sweet vermouth each and a single dash of bitters. Mix all these wet ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with some ice. Try swirling the ice around to give the drink the chill it needs without disturbing the balance of the spirits. Strain and then serve in a cocktail glass decorated with a maraschino cherry.