What makes talisker whisky the best scotch in the world

Talisker whisky is a single malt that comes from the Island region of Scotland. The whisky producing regions in Scotland have been divided according to location mostly. The main whisky producing regions of Scotland are the Lowland region, Highland region, Island region, Speyside region and Islay region. Island distilleries are very often confused with the Islay distilleries but these are very separate whisky producing regions. The Island whiskies are actually much milder than the Islay whiskies.

Talisker whisky is one of the most famous whiskies coming from the Island region. The Talisker distillery was established in 1830 by Hugh and Kenneth MacAskill. The name “Talisker” comes from a High Scot word and refers to the echo cliff located near the whisky distillery. When referred to in Gaelic, Talisker has a Norse origin. Since this distillery was located close to the Isle of Skye, it was fairly isolated from the rest of the distilleries. This left the workers of this distillery pretty much isolated in this island.
It was in 1843 that the Talisker distillery was relocated to where it stands today on the Loch Harport. After the death of the original founders the distillery production began to slip because of inadequate management. It was in the second half of the nineteenth century that the distillery began to prosper once more.
The Talisker whisky distillery operates five stills, three spirit stills and two wash stills. Instead of using a modern condenser the stills in this distillery use worm tubs which are condensing coils. It is these worm tubs that supposedly give this scotch a fuller flavor. A full flavor is a direct indication of a higher sugar content in whiskies.
Until 1928 whisky produced by the Talisker distillery was made using the triple distillation method but was suitably changed to the double distilling method since. This distillery is now a part of Diego which is one of the world’s largest global alcoholic beverage companies.
Talisker whisky distillery has its fair share of disasters. In 1960 this distillery was almost completely destroyed by a fire. However, so that the original flavor of the Talisker could be preserved five exact replicas of the burnt stills were made.

Talisker whisky has a significantly high phenol level after the malt is peated to 18 to 22 parts per million. In addition to that the water which is used to make this whisky first flows over the peat giving it its resounding peatiness. This whisky has performed exceptionally well at many international spirit ratings and competitions. They have also received many accolades from many liquor reviewing organizations. In the year 2007, the eighteen year old Talisker whisky won the “Best Single Malt in the World” title at the World Whisky Awards. Apart from the eighteen year old whisky, the Talisker ten, twenty five and thirty year old have managed to get mostly gold awards at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
The Talisker whisky has also been used to produce the famous Johnnie Walker whiskies. The most famous malts of the Talisker series is the ten year old Talisker. This series is also included in Six Single Malt Collection.