Which single malts form the base of white horse whisky

White Horse whisky is a blended whisky and was produced for the first time in 1861 by Peter Mackie. This blended whisky comes from the Edinburgh region in Scotland. “One third genius, one third megalomaniac, one third eccentric” is how the maker of this drink has been described many a times. James Logan Mackie was a man of enthusiasm and genius. Along with this he had an innate quirkiness to his character which also earned him the name of “Restless Pete”. He dedicated his life to producing the best blended scotch whisky and what resulted from this pursuit was White Horse Whisky.

In fact after the death of Peter Mackie the sales of this blended whisky almost doubled up. This was so because in 1924, White Horse became the first whisky that was dispensed with corks and used a screw cap. It was a small yet resounding victory for Peter Mackie to give the final flourish to his created blend.

The White Horse whisky is made with some of the best single malts produced in Scotland. It has a strong taste and is very warm and smoky. The predominant taste of this whisky comes from the single malt Lagavulin. The Lagavulin distillery is located in the Islay region of Scotland. It is located right at the edge close to the sea. The air of this region greatly reflects in the Lagavulin single malt. This single malt is very peaty and smoky is taste and has a good amount of saltiness to it. It is the salty sea spray which is used to soak up the peat which is used to dry the malted barley which gives the Lagavulin its unique flavor. It is this uniqueness which also gets reflected heavily in the White Horse whisky.

The White Horse Scotch whisky is a splendid blend which comprises of forty whiskies. These forty whiskies are chosen from a very select range of single malts coming from the Lowland, Highland, Island and Islay regions of Scotland. The result of this blending is an intriguing taste which has a resonating flavor.

Another single malt that gives the White Horse whisky its unique flavor is the Talisker single malt. The Talisker is an Island single malt and is produced by the Talisker distillery located in Carbost Scotland. This distillery is the only distillery present in the Island of Skye. Unlike the single malts that come from the Island region, The Talisker uses malt which is peated to very high levels. This high peating is very similar to the peating levels of Islay malts. Additional to the high peating, Talisker also uses water that flows over peat. This adds to the peatiness of the whisky.

The other single malt used to make White Horse whisky is the Caol Ila. This whisky is one of the lighter Islay malts and has a peaty, floral and slightly peppery taste to it. This single malt tastes beautiful by itself but has a very versatile nature which makes it viable for use in many blended malts. Some of the other blended whiskies which use Caol Ila single malt are Black Bottle and Johnnie Walker.