Why is black and white whisky the perfect lowland blended scotch

Black and White whisky is a type of blended Scotch whisky and was produced for the first time by James Buchanan. Though James Buchanan began his career as an agent in London his business sense took over and compelled him to establish a business venture of his own. He produced the Buchanan Blend which gained popularity because of the consistency and quality of the blended Scotch whisky. This blended whisky was bottled in a black bottle and had a white label. Soon loyalists of this drink started calling the Buchanan Blend as the “black and white whisky”. However before the Buchanan Blend officially became the Black and White whisky, James Buchanan changed its name to the House of Commons whisky as he had won a contract to supply this whisky in the House of Commons.

Although the name of the Buchanan Blend was change the bottling and packaging did not. And because of this, loyal customers still continued to call this whisky the ‘black and white whisky’. James Buchanan was also an avid animal lover. He took his love for animals and introduced a Highland white terrier and a Scottish black terrier on the label of the whisky in 1890. This added to the black and white element of the drink and was adopted as the motif of the brand. This motif has now become one of the most well known trademarks in the world. Soon the name of the whisky was changed and it was officially known as Black and White whisky.

James Buchanan is considered as one of the most important people in the world of whisky. He merged his company with the whisky stalwarts Dewar and Walker in 1915. In 1916 they became a part of the Distilleries Company Limited. This brand is presently owned by Diego one of the largest alcoholic beverage companies in London.

Black and White whisky is made with 60 to 65 percent of high quality grain whiskies. The two main whiskies that are used in making this whisky are Port Dundas and Cameron Bridge. Port Dundas is located in Glasgow in Scotland. This distillery falls in the Lowland whisky producing region. It was established by Daniel McFarlane in 1811. Much like the single malts that come from the Lowland region, Single malts from the Port Dundas distillery are very light, floral and almost a little grassy to taste. Instead of being sweet like the Highland whiskies the whiskies from this region are slightly lemony in flavor. This distillery contributes its single malts to various blended whiskies such as Johnnie Walker, Haig and White Horse.

The Cameron Bridge distillery was founded by James Haig in 1824. This distillery too is located in the Lowland whisky producing region of Scotland. This distillery lies in the village of Cameron Bridge in Levenmouth in Scotland. In fact this distillery was amongst the first distilleries that produced grain whiskies.

The beautiful blend of whiskies results in a very balanced taste in Black and White whisky. It can be said that this whisky is a very clean and pleasant blended whisky. Much like the character of the lowland malts used to make this whisky, the Black and White whisky has a grassy flavor which is very light and is also slightly sweet.